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I imagine many stories and some of them become sculpture.


My formal background is in graphic arts.  Over the years, I have worked in an assortment of mediums.  The Gemini in me is always looking for different methods of expression.  Discovering clay has sent me in new directions.  I am comfortable mixing mediums, looking for surprises.  Metal, wire, bones, wood, paint and paper all expand my pallet.


My imagery comes from an interest in design and ornamentation of other cultures.  When working in clay, I hand build, using slabs.  The human form is often my canvas, though I don't feel anatomical detail is necessary.  It's about telling a story, and having the viewer connect to it, though the story may change in translation.


Raku firing adds spontaneity to my process.  There is a controlled pyromaniac within - loving the way each firing puts its mark on the sculpture.  These changing conditions can add either frustration or some magic to the final piece.  It is this untamed process that keeps me interested and making pieces that hopefully, speak for themselves.



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